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28 February 2007

Why blog?

Because I can! Not really. A friend of mine was saying the other day that she blogs because she likes to write and it helps her think things through. I've been thinking that maybe I'd try it for the same reasons. I've tried journaling before and it never really seemed right. With a blog it's more like I'm talking to someone. That's what I want. Not a lot of navel staring just to talk. And I can't spend ALL day down the hall in my friend's office. Even if her baby is soooooo cute and cooey/smiley these days (Baby's are just so much fun at that stage). I do have work to do. Speaking of which, I should go and do some.

Oh wait, I did Scalzi's Monday photo shoot. Here they are my fridge magnets.

The big round thing is a tape measure that I can always find. And yes, that's a jigsaw puzzel magnet, I also have one that's a pair of lions.

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