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19 February 2009

Lies, all of it damn lies

Well only 1, actually. Well, once Honu-Girl and Sarah did it I had to join in the fun.

Guess which is the lie:

#1. I read Clan of the Cave Bear in the 6th grade.
#2. I own two books with the same name as me and I loved both of them.
#3. I'm not fond of Victorian novels but love what the BBC does with them.
#4. I love Kurt Vonnegut books.


Sarah said...

This is hard. I'll take a wild stab at #4!

Marciepooh said...

Wrong. Now it's down to 1-3.

(Also, apparently, I didn't reread my into sentences. bad editing, bad!)

Marciepooh said...

I'll come clean - it's number 2. I have two books entitled "Marcella" but I only like the Raggedy Ann one. The other is one of those horrible Victorian novels I much prefer as costume dramas on Masterpiece Theatre.