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01 May 2009

And I've been doing so well

I have 2 friends on Facebook from high school. One is really active and I guess she checks periodically who's new on FB from our class or something. (she "friended" me right shortly after I joined.) So this morning I'm scanning my news feed and my ex-fiance "liked" her status update. I feel a bit like I've been kicked in the stomach.

When I was packing to move back to Tuscaloosa (3 years post break-up) I remember looking in the box I kept my engagement ring* in and having the same feeling. When I was packing to move into my house (5 or 6 yrs pbu) there was no reaction. And here I am 11.5 yrs pbu and my head's all turned around, I've got butterflies in my stomach, etc. all because I saw his name somewhere. WTF's wrong with me?

*I sold the ring a couple years ago. The jeweler gave $50 for it. I sort of wished I could've sent it to him. Five pretty good years together; years of getting over it; his scrimping to buy the ring and the return on all that investment was the cost of a cheap date.

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honu-girl said...

Nothing's wrong with you. You just weren't expecting to see his name, and there it was. Finding things like that out of context can be jarring.

You're okay. Really. {HUG}