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25 August 2009

Free To a Good Home

I think I could open luggage store with all the baggage I carry around. Sarah's post today (obviously not Gormenghastocabulary XI, 'cos lexiponage is always good) got me started at "I hate feeling like I'm suppose to wear make-up" and a few easy steps I wound my way to "I'm going to die alone* as the crazy old dog women".

I know I've mentioned my make-up baggage before but today I remembered the day my dermatologist (of all people) say to 19-year old me that wearing make-up regularly "would come" like make-up wearing was as inevitable as needing deodorant and shaving.

While I'm on the subject of beauty and baggage - I wish the dance studio didn't have giant floor to ceiling mirrors. It really ruins the feeling that I'm pretty and at least 20 lbs lighter when I dance if I catch a glimpse of myself.

*despite Nettie, my 5 brothers and SILs, 6 nieces and nephews, their spouses, and untold great-nieces and nephews by then,... being around.

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Sarah said...

I'd be curious to help you explore why it's something that you don't feel the need to do, but then you also feel bad about not doing it. What did you say to the dermatologist to warrant that. "I wish I wanted to wear makeup" or something similar? Because it's absolutely not required for success or happiness or any of those things.

Among the reasons I enjoy wearing it are the fun of picking and choosing, the time it gives me to have a few moments to myself to be really nice to myself, and the confidence boost it gives me when I think I've enhanced my looks.

I'm happy to talk about things as much as you want to. And if that's not at all, cool.