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04 January 2010

Present from the Dog

or dogs?

But first - the laundry room lizard reading about physics.

If you are of a weak constitution, you may want to skip rest of this post and take a look at these instead.

I'm not sure where it came from but Honey or some other dog/dogs Wednesday night brought me this:

I'm pretty sure a neighbor had been butchering this little guy and left the head and spine, carelessly, where dogs could get to it. From the tip of the nose to the hip bone he's maybe 5 feet long.

The head is about 14-16" long. I tossed him into the woods Thursday by Sunday it had been pulled across the yard and the skin on the head was gone. I'm sparing y'all that sight. The ribs are gone now, too.

He must have had some kind of rack because it was hatched off.

Luckily it's barely gotten above freezing this past 5 week so he's not rotting terribly fast and the there aren't many flies. Hopefully Dad will find him and toss him in the brush today, otherwise I'll have to go out when I get home and do it in the dark.

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