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23 July 2007

A Celebration of Anna

Last weekend was a crush of family.

Friday evening, almost thirty of us ate at Robert and Patricia's house. Saturday morning about twenty of us went rode out just off Anna's favorite beach and gave her earthly remains to the sea. The family all regrouped at Riva's house for lunch. Then we had the celebration of Anna's life Saturday afternoon and we did our best to celebrate. (Much laughter was heard). I have no idea how many friends of hers joined us at Masonboro Yacht Club to enjoy each other's company and the lovely surroundings. I think it is safe to say we exceeded the maximum capacity at certain points of the evening.

I took pictures of almost all of the family (and near family) members at Robert's and the Celebration, along with some secnic shots (no not the guys on the boat, sorry). I some how missed Tom and didn't get a good picture of Betsy. You can see them here:
Anna's Memorial

Guess I'm not worring about using names anymore!

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