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26 July 2007

Lots and Locks of Love

My sister is awesome!

About a month ago her BFF donated her hair to Locks of Love. Nettie wanted to donate but was also relieved when Mom said her pony tail wasn't 10 inches long and so she couldn't yet.

Jump to yesterday. Mom stops by Kidz Kuts to get Nettie's bangs trimmed. Nettie asks the hairdresser if her hair is long enough to donate and is told yes and her hair will make a great wig for a child. So she says "let's do it." Not only does is she the cutest thing EVER but on the form she wrote that she was donating in honor of our sister Anna and then donated her whole next allowance (which Mom matched and then some). Her hair pony-tail went in the envelope as they watched and it will be go out with today's mail.

I'm so proud.

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