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12 August 2008


Sarah has a shiny new motherboard and is wondering what to do with it.

I'm just happy I finally got Windows to acknowledge that there was some uninstalled hardware on my computer. As you may recall I reinstalled Windows XP in June and had to go fishing for a modem driver. (I had copied the drivers to a CD but the folder must not have had the 'install' files.) Last week I tried to play a CD for the first time.

"Add New Hardware" couldn't find any new hardware to add. I tried to manually install a new sound/video/game controller. Several times. Taking different approaches. Nada. Finally yesterday I'm looking around left clicking on anything that might possibly give me some different options. Suddenly there it is "search for new hardware" (or was it 'search for hardware changes'?) after a left click on 'sound video game controller' in the device manager. In desperastion I try it and, lo, it finds the sound card. It installs the drivers. And, after restarting, it is good. I can haz muzix!

Tonight I will continue to rip my CDs so I can make some potentially illegal mix discs. (I want to say 'mix tape' even though I haven't listened to a tape in several years.)

In case you were wondering, I am no computer-geek.

P.S. The chair drama mentioned in that first post is still continueing. We STILL don't have our new chairs.

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