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18 June 2008

Accounts and computers make me grumpy...


Ordering furniture for a State agency is a pain in the ass! Particularly when you're accountant (or her boss) don't seem to understand the finer points of good chairs. (One size does not fit all, adjustablity is good; (relatively) cheap chairs are cheap for a reason.)

I think I made a mistake when I decided to reinstall Windows XP from the install disk rather than the backup. First off, it reminded me of what a POS company Systemax is (in my limited experience with them*). They didn't send me the "drivers" CD when I got the computer. I didn't know I was suppose to have it until I LOST THE MODEM DRIVER with the reinstall. It is difficult to find a modem driver off the internet when your modem doesn't have a driver. (Luckily I could borrow my Mom's computer, or could have come in and used my work one.)

Secondly, my ISP's download-able software doesn't support anything below XP SP2. So I need to either get a CD or get the upgrades for Windows. I have an offer for 1st month free with another ISP so I think, "what the hell, I'll get it; update Windows; download the other; then cancel." WRONG. The first set of updates downloaded fine. The next time my computer started downloading updates (estimated download time 4 hours, yay dial-up) I got kicked off-line after a while. Second time I try getting the big update, everything's fine for a couple hours then I'm kicked off. Third time, same story. There won't be a fourth time. I cancelled ISP 2 this morning, no charge (I can transfer you to our tech support and they could help you. Would you like to try us again? No thank you. Are you sure.....) I ordered the CD from ISP 1 yesterday. So no home internet for a few more days.

I actually have all kinds of things to do at work this week. The time just flies and I don't have time to do all my normal time-wasting stuff. I hardly make it through Reader. Never mind blathering to you all on the interweebs. Honestly what do they think they hired me for?

*order this computer as a computer-to-order through Office Depot. I ordered (and payed for) Office pre-installed. I neither got Office pre-installed nor got a CD. When I tried calling Systemax's help line, after entering my computer's serial number, that I was no longer in the 90-days free tech support but if I wanted to stay on the line I could enter my credit card information and they would be right with me. WTF? The computer had arrived a few days earlier and I'd ordered it less than 2 weeks before!!! Like hell I was going to give my CC info to these people. I tried multiple times to get to a human being, without luck. I set an email to their customer service, asking them to send me the discs. They could keep the $1 for the install, I really didn't care so much about that. No response. If I'd been reading the Consumerist I might have gone exec-email carpet bomb on their asses. As it was I finally gave up and just bought Office, again (educational pricing, thank God, being a teacher did have a few perks). Office Depot's CSR was apologetic but unhelpful.

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