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30 June 2008


"Teardrops will kiss the Morning Dew" (Allison Krauss), "Fly Away" (Sugarland), "Boat Drinks" (Jimmy Buffett), another Allison Krauss, a Kelly Clarkson, then "Long After I'm Gone" by Claire Lynch....

Chad (who got the idea from Matt Yglesias) thinks it be harder to find an non-disqualifying song on his iPod. But apparently my music tastes are very conventional and fairly safe. But then I don't have much music on my work computer and don't own an iPod or other portable electronic music device. (I know, I'm living in the dark ages. I bought a portable CD player and non-earbud headphones for the big trip)

Jimmy Buffett might be a problem but as long as no scans the list far enough to hit on the Instant Karma tracks (various artists covering those hippy Brit's music to benefit Amnesty International is definitely an disqualifier) I might be ok. I usually don't rip cds to my work computer so the risk is limited. If you started shuffling though the CDs I bring back and forth the risk of a DQ would increase - world music (including Cuban music), classical (elitist), musicals (pretty much any track off Rent would do it). On the other hand my somewhat limited classic rock and country stuff and extensive bluegrass selection might be pluses - particularly since there is a relatively high percentage of gospel/spirituals in the bluegrass. My 'Gospel?' CD might get me in trouble though.

How would you do?

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