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08 July 2008


May I ramble for a minute? (or two, mostly about TV)

I don't know if I'm being overly sensitive or not but there are a couple of commercials on recently that kind of piss me off with the whole "idiot woman" shtick. I'm not sure why these two or three stick out to me but, man, do they annoy me.

On the topic of commercials, ASPCA has one that I can't watch. I either have to mute the TV and not look up or change the channel. I think the reason ads for things like the Children's Miracle Network don't upset me is that those kid's suffering, as bad as it is to be poor and in a 3rd world country, wasn't intentional. All a dog (cat, rabbit, bird,... any pet really) asks for is to be cared for. All kids really want is to be loved (and fed). The thought of someone being intentionally cruel to an animal (or child) is very upsetting to me, and baffling. I can't watch the animal cop shows on Animal Planet, either.

On last night's "Bones" rerun, why is the administrative guy so set on not getting to the bottom of the deaths? Besides they can prove the guy didn't hang himself, and was dead when he was hung, even if the method they suspect he was killed by (with?) can't be proven. So obviously someone was trying to cover up something big, like possibly the previous murder or, as it turned out, artifact smuggling.

I'm starting to have doubts about the appropriateness of my outfit for my niece's wedding Saturday. I'm beginning to think it isn't dressy enough, even though the bridesmaids are wearing tea-length dresses. Do you think I could hire someone just to dress me? Surely, if stars pay big bucks to be badly dressed I could find someone to do it well on the cheap. Maybe I could just find myself a husband who likes to cook, clean, do laundry, mow, is fashion literate, and can work from home so he has time to do these things.

While I'm wishing, could I get some motivation, too?

Update: Oh, doublespeak reminds me. How inconvenient/cumbersome would speaking only in metaphor be? The fact that Picard manages to figure out anything that alien is saying is amazing. Metaphors would be impossible to translate without prior cultural knowledge. Picard picks up a few based on the situation but any meaningful conversation would require some major archaeological study beforehand to learn the meaning of the metaphors. It also seems that a language based on metaphors would be oddly limited and uncreative. The language can be pretty and bring to mind strong images, with the right cultural back ground. Luckily for Picard and the viewers this species also cries so "Kiazi's children, their faces wet" makes sense.

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