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13 January 2009

Great Flood of Jan. 2009

I didn' t have my camera with me last week but apparently my brother did:

(pictures by Patrick)

These were taken at River Road Park (east end, at "new" Hackberry RD and Jack Warner PKWY (aka River RD). It's a lovely sunset - I really like the lampposts in the middle of the river. I'm afraid the view of across the river isn't great but those houses are usually ~10 feet above river level.

When my boss and his wife were house hunting their realtor tried to convince them that that neighborhood was above the 100-yr flood plain. It may be, on the flood maps, but River RD has been underwater in the not too distant past and those houses are lower than the road. Never mind that they are CLEARLY on the flood plain - there is no natural levee there. Luckily for the home owners, the Black Warrior River has swampy banks that can be flooded down stream.

This is the best picture I have right this second of what that usually looks like.

I'll try and take some pictures this week of the flood photos to show the difference.

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