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09 January 2009

Where I've been

These are all the states I've visited.

visited 27 states (54%)

These are all the states I've been in (as best I can tell):

visited 33 states (66%)
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Apparently I've been avoiding Kentuck. I may get to add Oregon this year, if I can come up with a paper/poster. I'm not going to do a countries I've visited map because it would be embarrassing (US, Canada, England (ok, Heathrow Airport), and Scotland).


Shadowhelm said...

Why no love for the Bluegrass state? I was born there and lived right outside of Lexington for the first 3rd of my life and as a whole it is the most beautiful state I have ever visited.

Marciepooh said...

Oops, Connecticut should be red on the map of states I've been in. It's hard to get to Rhodes Island with out driving through Connecticut.

I don't know why I've missed KY, Shadowhelm. Our annual family trips took up all around it (VA to OH to IL to AL and back to VA or the reverse) but never through it. It's not an active avoidance, I've just never had a reason to go. A project at work is in the area where VA, WV, and KY come together so who knows.