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17 March 2009

Happy (belated) Pi Day

Nettie and I made an apple pie Saturday. The dog thought it was very yummy. Publix's apple pie is pretty good, too.

Incase you were wondering why your nose was stuffy, eyes itchy, thoart scratchy, etc
(pollen on the pond)

Sunday we saw this on the river and Styrofoam. Obviously someone up stream isn't aware of the "normal" flood levels of the river since there was all kinds of crap washed down in January and February, too.
Wisteria are blooming:

Also, at the park they are putting in a sprinkler system - WHY?


--:: Eric St. Clair::-- said...

Is that not wisteria and not hyacinth? Wisteria is in the bean family (fabaceae). Hyacinth is Liliaceae. That looks like a bean to me. Of course, I'm no professional by any means and could be totally wrong.

Marciepooh said...

DUH! Yes it's wisteria. My bad.
(In my defense they are both purple flowers.:)

Marciepooh said...

fixed it