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01 March 2009

Sunday in the Park with Snow

...and flooding, but the snow is way prettier. You know if I posted pictures about the half rabbit my dog presented me with I'd have to post about our pretty, and now almost completely gone, snow.
This Camilla bush is in the rose garden at church. BTW, church canceled on account of snow? Plu-leaz!

These berries were at the park. More pictures are here.

I'd just like to comment on the loveliness that is Spring in Alabama - only in spring can it be sunny and 65 on Thursday, 70 with tornadoes and hail Friday, and snow on Sunday. March is actually not that odd a time to get snow (if your going to get any at all) because cold fronts can bring enough moisture and drop the temperature enough; most of the winter when it's cold it is too dry.

The picture Dad uses to remind him why he doesn't move back north is from the big snow of 1993 (spring before we moved here) when we, in VA, got 16-18". Thing is they got a foot down here with thee same storm. I was out of school 3 days (mostly because the snow was so deep where the plows had been through that there was no where for kids to stand waiting for the bus). Everything was closed here for 5 days and my brother was with out power for several of those days. It's a toss up complete paralysis in the face of (rare) frozen precip or being expected to shovel the damn stuff but having some every year.

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