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08 March 2009

I own 2 dresses now.

I'm a tag along, I admit it. Honu-Girl has her monthly goals, now I'm going to try it. I tried it last week but not being accountable to anyone but me didn't work out so well. So my goal (starting small here) for March:

Go to TBDC's NIght on Broadway Ball.

Now this may look exceedingly easy - get dressed up one evening and going out but, if you've been following along, you've probably guessed just getting up and going out is a kind of big deal for me. For starters, I've been a member of the TBDC for almost 2 years and haven't actually gone to a dance yet. Heck, I'm taking the introductory dance class again. There are a few things that go along with this goal, such as:

buy a dress (sucess)
not make the above-the-waist bulge any bigger
find appropriate undergarments to minimize the awb*
find a wrap in my or Mom's closet in case it's cool
work on the under arm wiggle (not much can be done in 2 weeks but I can try)
actually go to the dance, no wimping out

I have two weeks to not lose my nerve. Wish me luck.

*I loathe high waisted "shape wear" because it usually just rolls up into my waist the first time I lean over. I think I have one high waisted girdle/thigh slimmer thing that doesn't do that but I'll have to see if it has enough compression.


honu-girl said...

GO YOU!! I'll keep cheering you on, as I fail miserably at my current goals :D

Sarah said...

Spanx Higher Power all the way, lady. For smoothing the bulges above, below, behind, and around. And also it's kind of nice in a back support way.

Marciepooh said...

Thanks Sarah, I assume the their high waisted pantyhose go nice and high, too. My legs haven't seen daylight in over 6 months so hose are a must.