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13 March 2007

Monday photo shoot

Post any winter photos you didn't get around to posting earlier. Because winter is going, going, gone, baby. Think of it as a last salute.

Well I haven't posted many pictures at all but here are a few I took in NC after Christmas. We were staying at the Fort Fisher USAF recreation area (Dad's retired AF), just south of Wilmington (where a sis and bro live). The weather was fantastic. Sunny most days and warm enough to walk barefoot without the toes going numb - as long as you didn't let them get wet!

Sorry the x-mas lights (in Kure Beach) are fuzzy, it's hard to stand still long enough to get the pic.

I love these trees. The shapes they make - beautiful. These are at Fort Fisher park/beach.

At first I thought the bird (some kind of tern??) was simply standing on one leg, then as I watched him I realized he only has one leg. Kinda cool.

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