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16 March 2007

Think only conservatives are willing to sacrifice?

idealistlefty wrote:Just like you don’t often hear Liberal and Military Member/Military Spouse strung together.

My Dad has been driving my car lately and I have some fairly liberal bumper stickers (although I don't have "No one died when Clinton lied" on there and he had that on the truck!) scattered on the back. I've tried to stay away from very topical ones. The other day, when he was picking my sister up after school, a man (grandfatherish looking) got out, looked at the my bumper, and sniffed loudly. Apparently he disagreed with the sentiments. His license plate was one of the vet or ret. mil. vanity plates. Now I wish I had Dad '50 yr member of USAA' sticker on my car, too.

Why is it that in America it is assumed that if you're in the military you are conservative or if you're liberal you're anti-military? I could not be prouder of Dad and USAF career (unless he actually had been a pilot, that'd be cool). I also couldn't be prouder of our current military and its members.

To all military service member current and past: Thank you.

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