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20 March 2007

It looks like I'm getting a roommate. My former Little Sister (practically part of the family) is finally (Thank God) leaving her husband. Well, I'm on the phone with her as I type and she says I may see her tonight. She did leave him once about a year ago for half a day. But this time she seems tired of it all. Tired of trying. Tired of waiting for him. Tired of being alone. Tired of being controlled. Just tired.

I hate that it has taken 3 years but I am so glad she (fingers crossed) is leaving. She isn't definitely leaving tonight (sometimes her slightly stream-of-conscience monologues can be hard to follow) but she's not staying long. She doesn't want to pack before he gets home. (An attempt at preventing some arguing.) But if things start to get ugly (verbally) she gone with the clothes on her back. Otherwise, as far as I can tell, she'll pack tomorrow.

It is hard to explain how happy I am. One of the hardest things I've had to watch in my 30-yrs is her marring him. And staying. And going back. Kids have to make some mistakes on their own and the rest of us can just watch.

Damn her absent father! If he'd just shown what a real man was like, instead of driving up once every few months to buy her stuff. Maybe then she'd done a little better, or stood up sooner. I know it's really more complicated than that. (But he is such an easy target.)

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