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02 May 2007

4-Door, Sedan, 2-Door, SUV?

Yesterday I went to register my NEW CAR(!). When the lady asked me what kind of car it was - a sedan, SUV, 2-Door? I said station wagon because that's what it is. It isn't an SUV; it isn't a hatchback; it is a station wagon. A small one (Impreza) and one called a "sport wagon" (jumbo shrimp, anyone?) by Subaru but not an SUV. It is listed on the registration as a 4-door because "wagon" is no longer a choice. What? Two cars ago (register 1st time in 1997) I had a wagon. I'm not sure if it was listed as "wagon" or "5-door" on the form but certainly not as a 4-door.

I think my friend's Outback Sport might qualify as a "crossover SUV" (even though it is older than the term) and could qualify as SUV for the form. It is the same vehicle as mine but has 2" more clearance and different trim (making it, oddly, 0.5" wider). But really it's a small wagon, too. I will have to ask her how it is described since she moved to AL '03ish.

Why do so few car makers make station wagons now? Besides America's love of the SUV. They are far more practical and safer (in general), never mind more fuel efficient on average. An Expedition screams "soccer mom" as much as any Taurus wagon ever did!

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