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29 May 2007

I don't do efficiency, I work for the government

Real quick post on bureaucracy.

I work for the State of Alabama. Apparently, under the care of our newly retired property manager and his predecessor, our department has never "lost" a piece of equipment (actual loses (i.e. dropped in the river) were properly documented) and all property audits were passed with flying colors. I'm sure that any audit of general supply monies were also easily passed (he was known for giving out individual leads for mechanical pencils, individual cheap pens, and requiring requisition forms for everything. Understand that a requisition form had to be filled out so that all of these things could be bought in the first place. We have to fill out another form in order to be given any of the supplies.

We, also, have to have duplicate vehicle request forms - a copy to turn in to get the keys and the original that gets turn in with the keys that has the mileage (beginning, ending,& total) and gallons of gas and quarts of oil (if applicable) bought.

I am filling out a requisition form for 8 AA batteries, two box of staples, and a ream of paper in order to print off all of these damn forms!

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