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15 May 2007

Monday Photo Shoot

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of something beginning with the letter "B". That shouldn't be too brain-busting, right?

Blackberries. Well, they'll be black eventually. I just have to keep an eye on them so the birds don't eat them all first!

These are Ballerina Roses, a simple climbing rose.

This one could also count for the letter C, K, U, D, and S.

This is my bass. My parent's bought it for my brother to audition for and go to college with (to study bass performance). That didn't work out so well and when he came home 2 yrs later I got to upgrade:-) I don't play anymore (I never was much for solos) so the 'rents are going to get it fixed (needs some regluing) and sell it soon. I think it is pretty; I think all of the violin family have nice lines but basses have the best shape - droopy shoulders, long necks.... It looks a little sad just standing in my living room waiting to be played. (Not sure why the pic looks blurry.)

Update: Here is my photo shoot auf Deutsch.

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