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04 May 2007

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I think part of the reason I've been so "talkative" lately is that there is something I don't want to think or talk about - my older sister.

Last week Dad told me she is applying for disability and figuring out if she will "retire" completely or work part time. I see advantages to both. If she works part time then she has something to keep her mind occupied and a bit of purpose to the week but it will be very draining. If she doesn't work she can rest all she needs and spend more time with the family and her friends, which is what makes life good. Obviously, if she isn't deemed 100% disabled she will have to work but be careful not to make too much money so she doesn't lose SSI disability or medicaid.

If you are wondering, she has breast cancer. It isn't a curable form. She was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago. This is just about when the Dr predicted it would start getting bad. The main reason she is looking at disability is that she is now so tired after work she can't do anything in the evenings and hardly has the energy to do anything on the weekends. Just work and sleep is no life.

I hope my niece gets a job in Wilmington this summer (hope her mother will let her), so she can spend lots of time with Sis. They've always been very close. It's not fair that just as I get old enough (and paid enough) to go visit and get to spend time with her, she's sick.

She's very different than me. She is such a people-person. And a talker! She's had a really good attitude (always did). This sucks but sometimes life is that way. She'll have fun right up to the end.

They are having a hard time managing her pain. Mom said she's getting radiation by IV or something (don't understand how, Mom didn't have details but said rad. not chemo).

Sorry, I'm rambling.

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