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21 January 2008

Mountain Girl

If you asked me at work where I'd rather be and I'd say anywhere, but I'm home right now so I really don't know where I'd rather be. If I had to be somewhere else, I would probably choose the mountains. I like the beach; I like winter beaches possibly more than summer ones. I like the desert; I feel in love with geology out west. But if I had to choose one place to go it would be the mountains. Any mountains.

I like being in the water. I love swimming in "living waters" (I love that image, living waters, too.). I much prefer the beach or a river or lake over the pool. Years of swim team did not make me love the smell of chlorine. I'm not a huge fan of having sand in every crevice from being at the beach (even man-made lake beaches). I love swimming up stream. Or floating around in the pool beneath a water fall and having the waterfall pound on my back (if it isn't too high!).

I like the stillness of the woods. And wondering what might be over the that shoulder or around the bend in the stream. I like listening for critters and maybe seeing them. (Deer don't know how many legs a horse is suppose to have;) Also I'm less likely to get sunburned after a day in the mountains than a day on the beach.

All things being equal, I'm a mountain girl. Even the little things that pass for mountains in Alabama.

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