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07 January 2008

Old Stuff

I own a fair number antiques but I don't know how old any of them actually are. My parent's used to buy a lot of furniture at estate sales and thrift stores, so I've "inherited" a lot of old stuff. I used to be able to say I had the bass which is from the mid-1800s but that's back at Mom's house now. The piano is from the '60s, I think. But I haven't owned any of those very long and most were given to me by my parents (anything to get it out of their garage), so I don't think I'll count them. The thing I have owned the longest is, I think, my stereo receiver.

I got the receiver and a dual tape-deck when I was 10 or 12, I think. I got a CD player a couple of years later for Christmas. (Pat was suppose to build me some nice speakers that year, too; The speakers, et al. are probably in a box in my parent's garage. I'm still waiting.) The tape-deck died a few years ago. A tape got stuck in the recording side and then the non-recording side stopped working. About that time I got one of the converter things to plug into your portable CD player and put the tape in the car tape deck, so I didn't need to make tapes of anything anymore. I finally tossed it. The receiver works great. Twice a weld came loose and I lost the left channel. First time I knew someone who found the problem and fixed it for free; the second time I got it fixed at a local repair shop. I bet they thought I was crazy or maybe impressed at my antique audio equipment. (They think that's old they should see one pair of speakers I have.)

In terms of old stuff I use a lot. My bed is an antique brass bed and it gets used every night (and all day by my dog). The desk my computer sits on is also antique but with some bits replaced. My stereo system is 30 (speakers) to 17 (CD player) years old.

Hey, my T.V. is at least 8 years old, does that make it antique?

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