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28 January 2008


We humans like to be able to relate something unfamiliar to something more familiar. When a huge piece of the ice shelf in Antarctica breaks loose it might be described as being the size of Rhodes Island. There can be a danger in doing this since if one looks at a map the Ocean State looks really small, possibly leading one to think that the piece of ice is small - it's not the size of New Jersey even!?. Or, Germany may be described as being about as large as New Mexico or Montana, which is true for area but it has a population more like New Mexico, Montana, California, Texas and New York combined.

In this vein I'd like to give a shout out to Sarah for having now lost a Honey and Q-tip.(At least that much, and probably an Irish, too. I don't know how much my cats weigh and I'm not sure exactly how much Honey weighs.)

She's had some help. But I'm still impressed. I mean WOW, the weight of my dog and two cats! Or 1.25 of my little sister. Or a crap load of cans of Crisco. WOW.

I can't motivate myself enough to lose one cat much less the two-two and a half I should.

(I'm not sure how it would have happened but I think I have lost a puppy or so.)

Oh, in somewhat related news - I've started letting Q-tip and Irish in for short periods of time. Q-tip runs upstairs and curls up on the day bed; Honey forgets she's in the house. Irish was very vocal when I let her in and Honey wouldn't leave her alone. Last night when honey went out after dinner I let Irish in and loved on her. I had to wash my face and neck afterwards but she got to be loved for a little while.

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Sarah said...

It's really weird to look at that picture of Honey and think, "Wow. More than that!"