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17 September 2008

The cellulose in those beans, you know,

will control the traffic flow.*

Happy 221st birthday, U.S. Constitution! For a birthday gift we, the people of these United States, will elect a president who won't piss all over you for the next 4 years. (at least I hope so)

In honor of the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, I'm listening to The Best of Schoolhouse Rock today. (Hey, there is no better way to learn the preamble to the Constitution than singing it.) If you are wondering about math (specifically the numbers 3, 8, and 0), the founding of the USA, how a new federal law gets made, biology, grammar, Wall Street, economics, or astronomy, you should take a listen. Schoolhouse Rock will at least hit the high points and the tunes are catchy. There are too many links to put them all in here so go to YouTube,watch a few, and reminisce about watch Saturday morning cartoons.

*title and first line are from "Our Own Machine"

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