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18 September 2008


Sarah is all worried about excess navel gazing - seems like that's all I do here. That could explain some of the difference in readership. A little more navel gazing can't hurt, right?

Long story short: I'm feeling particularly pathetic today.

Long story long: A friend of mine, that I met May 2007, took a job overseas for a year. He left town the last week of September and is suppose to be back in October. Other than some texts while he was training in Houston, I haven't heard from him. All we did was hang out, eat supper (often Taco Hell), and watch movies; so it's not like this was some deep friendship full of conversations about the meaning of life or anything. But I miss having someone to hang-out with some. I don't have very many friends and I hardly see any outside of work except immediate family. (And even a few of those I don't see as much as I'd like, despite working within shouting distance.) I hang out with my dog mostly and my little sister on the weekends and that's ok, most of the time. It's just sometimes I want company more my age (and species).

So, eleven months of nothing and yet I find myself looking forward to his getting back. I think I'll be really disappointed if Veteran's Day comes passes and I haven't heard from him. How pathetic is that?

Update: Last Friday I was bored and there wasn't anything on TV, so I went surfing. I searched for my friend's MySpace page, couldn't find it at first, but found his step-mother's. (When I saw his screen name I couldn't believe I'd forgotten it.) Apparently he's now married, which is nice for him (and his bride). I mostly got up from the computer feeling really stupid. If he had time to find a wife, he had time to drop me an email or two to say hi. Once again I thought friend meant more than the other person apparently did.

And one other thing if you read this BL: You know that saying about loaning a guy a 20 and if you never see him again it was probably worth it? Don't worry about it.

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