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01 August 2007


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of things that are juxtaposed in interesting ways. "Juxtapose" means "To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast," in case you hadn't run up against the word very much (it's one of those Scrabble words). Basically, if two things you see next or near to each other make an interesting picture, or seem to comment on each other in an interesting or ironic fashion, you're good to go.

What is it then? There is sand, a rope, and what appears to have been a diving platform - looks like a designated swimming area to me. Or at least it was one before the lake was lowered. This sign is even more odd when you step back and see this one.

No animals on beach, what beach? That isn't a beach the other sign says so.

Not terribly ironic or interesting but very cute. This is one of my cats, Q-tip, and my dog, Honey. Black/white, dog/cat, big/small - those are good contrasts, right?

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Anonymous said...

cute ones :)