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03 August 2007


Brief history to clarify my previous post. It effects my opinions and, I think, effects how you, the reader, relates to them.

I was a skinny little girl. So I only got picked on a little for being tall and smart (bit of a teacher's pet really), as I recall. I did feel ostracized for being good at school. Then puberty hit. While I wasn't fat by any stretch of the imagination, my hips spread and I got boobs (wore a C-cup by the 9th grade). I skipped junior pants altogether (for the guys - Juniors sizes, odd numbers, are cut for those without child-bearing hips). I have broad shoulders, along with a not small chest, so shirts have been a problem for a long time. I wore sizes 10-14 depending on cut through High School and edged up out of the 10s in college. Graduate school was the end of the 12s and most of the 14s. I've put on about forty pounds since I was 18, twenty of that since my 25th birthday.

I wish I could fit into some of those cute bathing suits in the drawer. I could do something to lose some weight (like the last 20 lbs). But I think I look OK. Weight-wise, that is.

So, anyway, I've never really experienced the teasing and ostracizing of fat-hatred. I wasn't put diets when a kid. And I'm not that big, despite what the scale says. I do however need to work on accepting my body. I, also, believe that a mind is a terrible thing to waste and a waist is a terrible thing to mind. Quite frankly, we all have a whole lot more important things to worry about.

Sarah, you inspire me to rebellion. The more I think about you and your views on fat the more I want to say "F*@& you!" to my mother and her comments about my needing to lose weight.

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Sarah said...

Go you! Except maybe not with the f-word, cos she's your mom. But if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. Everyone's "health" is their own business. Everyone's appearance should be as well.