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17 August 2007


****Harry Potter Spoilers****

The emotional roller coaster of the last hour and a half!!!! Percy's back. Fred's dead. Snape is redeemed, somewhat. Harry has to die. Harry is killed. Wait he's not quite dead. Neville the hero. "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!" from a woman who earlier (or was that in Half-Blood Prince?) threatened to stick Ron's fingers together for making a rude hand gesture. In fact, Harry's feeling much better now. Then the interminable bad-guy-explaining-everything-before-killing-the-hero from Harry. (Had to get Riddle of guard? Puh-leese, you know you will win why does he need to know. I guess some explanation was necessary for the plot but it is always a bad idea to stop killing and start talking. (Just watch a James Bond movie.) You can explain it all later.)

OMG, how did you people manage to wait years between books? I could barely wait days!

I am now emotionally drained and will watch TV all weekend.


honu-girl said...

HAH! You now understand why I had a hard time working when I hadn't finished the book yet, don't you? Waiting years was hard, but ultimately worth it.

Sarah said...


OMFG! I am so glad you loved it.

The wait was okay. I just read a lot of Snape fanfiction. "Oh, Miss Granger...."