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20 May 2008

Darwin's Point?

VNO? Tail? What vestigial organs do you have?

Honu-Girl sent me this article and said she had a Darwin's point, but you can't really see it.This lead to some wondering about how big would the bump be before one would want it removed for cosmetic reasons. I have a hard time picturing a bump on an ear that would make me want surgery.

But then I have a hard time imaging really wanting plastic surgery. On the one hand I can think of all kinds of thing to 'fix'; on the other this is what I look like, what I've always looked like (well, sort of...) and it'd be weird not to look like myself. I have a set of scars on my chest that are the result of my breathing and feeding tubes when I was born. My mom once asked me if I wanted the scars removed and I asked her how that would be done. When Mom said they'd be sanded off I had the image of a power sander just like Dad had down in his shop and said "no thanks". I think this was after he'd tried to pierce my ears. (He did my mom's.) At the time I was almost old enough that no random kid was just going to ask me what the scars were and old enough to be really embarrassed that someone noticed.

What would you get 'fixed' if someone said "you can have one plastic surgery, what will it be?" (Other than lipo.)

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