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19 May 2008

A good night of TV

Friday night's TV was great. I had taped Thursday's so first I watched...

CSI's season finale (?): Warrick, NOOOOOO! The SHERIFF!!!!WTFFFF??????? (Nick better not have a goofy hair cut again next season since they killed off the other hot guy. Not that I'm blowing off any of the other imminently datable but merely cute characters.)

then came Lost: Sun telling her father to STFU (not exactly in those words), FTW!

then Numb3rs: Oh, Charlie stands up to bigotry and stupidity, makes a stand for academic/intellectual freedom, loses his security clearance, and can't work for the FBI any more. And Megan leaves, poor Larry. Although as he said their relationship has never required physical proximity.

And last, but not least, Doctor Who: While no great lines from Donna about how the Ood have to be trusting because they are born with their brains in their hands, the Doctor does make an idiot of himself with Donna (You're only popping round for a visit and coming back, huh?) and gets told off about how he's gets to come and go as he pleases but SOME people have to stick around and work on the inside. The previews for the finale suggest that the Doctor does stick around. (Damn Brits and their short seasons.) Why didn't anyone try breaking the car window? Surely there was a rock or something nearby. For that matter all those people whose car's drove them into the river, didn't any of them attempt to break their windows? Do the Brits not have those little safety tools that are suppose to break car windows and cut you out of a stuck seatbelt? (BTW, does David Tennant ever not look surprised?)

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