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05 May 2008

See, I told you.

Told you I'd take a picture. Y'all thought I was joshin', didn't you.

I often drive by church signs and wonder exactly what the message is suppose to mean, if it is suppose to be uplifting (because I don't find it to be), I wonder if their choir concert might be any good, or something along those lines. This one's just got me wondering if anyone at that church finished elementary school.

I did have an idea: maybe the sign is a comment on the attire of some of the young (or not so young) ladies in the church. Perhaps someone is reminding the ladies of the congregation that God has given them more than they should put on display, at least in church. Although, I doubt it. OR, maybe they don't believe in sharing burdens and this is their way of telling certain members "we really don't care".

(I smudged the name and affiliation of the church to protect the innocent.)

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