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06 May 2008

Funereal Thoughts

Sunday while Mom, Nettie, and I were at my niece's shower* (along with lots of other people) her father and brother were at a funeral. A good friend of my nephew's had been battling leukemia for several years. My nephew, who buried his grandfather last weekend, was a pallbearer this weekend. I can't even begin to say how much that sucks.

The shower and the funerals got me thinking about a few things.

First, about how even though I've lived in the same town as them (well, basically) for the last 15 years I don't see them that often. And I'm not an integral part of their lives. Their mother's sisters are but not me. I guess it's because we didn't live here for so long. I wish I did know them better.

I find leaving the funeral of someone I didn't know really well I wish I had. Obviously no one says anything bad about the deceased at the funeral but I've been to a couple of funerals where the stories told were a bit surprising to me because they didn't fit with how I knew the person. They made me wish I'd known the person in that way too. I was also at a funeral once where I left wishing I'd known the deceased better because all the stories just reinforced my knowledge that he was just a really really nice guy.

Lastly, isn't it ironic that the sickest people sometimes can't get into drug trials? You have to be pretty bad off to be considered for many experimental treatments, particularly for cancers, but if you're too bad off you are too sick to try it. I understand the reasoning but it just seems strange some how.

Enough gloominess, it's lovely outside and the student's will be gone in a few days. Campus is so much nicer without them.:D

* The loot! OMG! Too bad they aren't they aren't living in their house yet. They'll have to store the stuff for a few weeks somewhere.

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