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06 September 2007

Cute pictures

These are a few pictures I can't resist sharing. (Sorry no time to crop the pics.)

Q-tip resting on top of my car.

Honey looking hopeful. And Izzy, too.

Honey looking guilty, because she knows she isn't suppose to get table food.

Two shots of Honey being sweeter and more tolerant than I ever thought she would be.

She's is letting Izzy share her dinner! Honey doesn't really like other dogs and really didn't like Izzy when she first came. (I think, Honey thought Izzy was going to replace her. I have reassured Honey that she is my only dog. Izzy is Ellen's dog.) She even left some food in the bowl. I wonder if Honey thinks Izzy needs to eat more because she's so small?

We almost had a shot of those two for "stuff on my dog" this weekend but Ellen wasn't fast enough.


Sarah said...

Honey is so pretty!

Marciepooh said...

Thank you. I can't take much credit. I've never actually given her a bath. I let the vet do it when I've boarded her but other than that it's just the river. I don't feed her anything special either - no egg yolks, just good ole Dog Chow.