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18 September 2007

Personally Obsolete

Monday Photo Shoot: Personally Obsolete
Take a picture of something in your house you used to use a lot, but now hardly use at all. This could be a piece of obsolete technology, or possibly some equipment for a hobby you no longer pursue, or just something you stopped fiddling with for no good reason at all -- the basic idea is simply to highlight something that no longer has that much use for you, for whatever reason.

My ice skates. I took three ice skating classes (alpha, beta, and, you guessed it, gamma levels) the year before we moved to Alabama. Now I live over an hour away from a skating rink. In the 14 years I've lived down here I've been skating maybe 1/2 dozen times. I keep them because I still dream of being an ice dance champion. I realize most girls give that dream up around age 10 but I've held on to mine past 30. I watch "Dancing with the Stars" and think, "I could do that," too. So much for reality.

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