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12 September 2007


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Get Mugged

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of one or more interesting coffee mugs you might have. Because it's my experience that people have coffee mugs with interesting stories behind them. At least, I do.

These are from my office.

The tall travel mug is for when I have to take my tea in the field; the short wide-bottomed travel mug was bought when I was describing core everyday because the lid kept the tea warm longer and the wide bottom fit over the dividers in the boxes making it more stable than other mugs (on the boxes or the rollers); the short mug was a Christmas gift from a pair of my students when I taught high school; the tall mug that says "Everyone's entitled to my opinion"was my birthday gift from my sister, Anna, this year. She had a number of gifts stashed in her closet. She also planned a joke present for our brother with Dad, because she wasn't going to be able to get it - tacky South of the Border stuff. (Is "tacky" redundant?)

These are at the house.

The blue one I bought a potter who lives in Andalusia, AL when I lived down there. It makes a wonderful ice cream cup! The other, as you can read, is from the Glasgow Festival of British Youth Orchestras of 1991. I participated in the festival because the youth symphony I was in had been to the Aberdeen International Youth Festival and was invited to play in Glasgow*, also. All together it was an awesome three weeks in Scotland - the castles, the gardens, the wandering through town, the Dee and the Don, the coast,...(there were rehearsals, too) I'd love to go back.

*I don't know why the venues for the Festival of British Youth Orchestras are both in Scotland(Edinburgh and Glasgow) and one's not England or Wales (you know, another part of Britain) or, even, Ulster (not on Great Britain but part of the UK). Okay, Belfast (or any city in Ulster) was, for sometime, probably not somewhere most British parents would particularly want to send their children but I'm sure there are some lovely cities in Wales.

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