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25 March 2008

Computers do like me

I feel stupid. My remote is dying. That's why I couldn't turn on the satellite receiver. The on/off button is still broken but the receiver works. I got it on last night and don't plan to turn it off until I get a new remote. I had to reprogram the remote several times last night while watching TV to control the satellite but it never lost my TV setting, which is why Sunday I thought the problem was with the receiver. I'm going to get a real Dish remote this time. I've probably spent more than $20 on the three generic universals I've had.

My camera will have to be sent off. I emailed Fuji Film's tech support and the response I got was that I needed to call the help line. The help line guy said it could be a small thing or a big thing no way to tell until it got to the shop. Gee, thanks, obviously you couldn't have told me that in an email.

I feel stupid, again.

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