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03 March 2008

Wednesday Child

Saturday, while running errands with Nettie, the song "Wednesday's Child" came on. I asked Nettie if she knew why it was called that. "No" was the answer, as I figured. So I told her the nursery rhyme. She couldn't believe I had it memorized (filed away with all those song lyrics, which crowd out what I did at work last year) but was otherwise completely unimpressed. I don't think she made the connection. (I'm a Monday's child, BTW.)

I was just sitting here wondering if she'd ever heard that nursery rhyme before. Did Mom read them to me more or have my years of aunt-hood and sisterhood made me a repository of (most half remembered) nursery rhymes?

I think my very favorite was the alphabet one in the Better Homes & Gardens' collection (can't find it on Amazon!). "A was once an apple pie, pidy, widy, tidy, hot insidy apple pie...X was once the great King Xerxes, werxes, serxes,..." (those are the only two I can remember just now). I also loved a counting song "Down by the old mill pond"? ("Down by the mill in a warm pond lived a Mother otter and her little otter one. "Swim," said the Mother, "I swim," said the one and they swam all day in the sand and the sun." Something like that, I'm going to have to borrow the book form Mom.) What's one of your favorite nursery rhymes?

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