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24 March 2008

Computers don't like me.

I'm not sure I should be using a computer today.

Last week my camera stopped working. When I hooked it up to the computer to download some pictures the picture viewing program didn't start up automatically like usual. I didn't worry too much as McAfee and Microsoft were both downloading updates when I plugged it in. I just figured my computer was thinking to hard at the moment. I opened it up manually and downloaded the pictures fine. Then I deleted them off the card. Monday driving up to the Westin in Atlanta I wanted to take some pictures of all the windows blown out, streets blocked off, etc. (This was the good side of the Westin, round building in the middle, the other side had a lot more holes.) It wouldn't take a picture. It turns on; I can change the picture mode, turn the flash off and on, go into macro mode,....; When I push the button to take a picture the screen goes blank and stays that way. If I turn it to picture view mode it doesn't do anything, I have to turn it all the way off and back on. Picture view mode looks normal but since there aren't any photos on the card it's hard to be sure.

Then yesterday I sit down to watch TV with Nettie and my Dish Network receiver won't come on. A couple months ago I notice that I had to push the button further and further in to get it to turn on/off. I used to always just used the power buttons on the TV and receiver because it was easier than using the universal remote where I have to push the TV button, then power, then remember to push the cable button before trying to do anything else*; and I put the remote back next to the TV so I'm standing right there. (I know, I touch my TV, it SO weird.) When I noticed the button was getting harder to push I stopped using it and used the remote. Yesterday, The remote wouldn't turn it on. I tried reprogramming it; the batteries had been dying and it kept losing the code. Didn't work. So I sat in front of the receiver and pushed the on/off button in as far as I could to try and turn it on. It broke in stead. The button didn't pop back out it sounds loose in there. Oops. I then discovered that the batteries in the remote were completely dead. (Couldn't change the volume standing right in front of the TV, pretty dead.) So I changed the batteries and tried every single code listed for Dish.

Oh, and my cell phone battery is about on it's last leg. It still holds a charge for a couple days, so it should be another month or two before I have to replace it. I'm not going to touch my computer at home for a couple days. Hopefully my bad electronic mojo will go away.

*One day, pissed off at me for going to work Honey tried to eat the Dish Network remote, battery part first. There was no salvaging it. I've used three different generic universal remotes since, two different brands. One got lost; the other (like the one I have) just stopped working the TV and the satellite. None of the codes for my DVD player work.

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