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17 March 2008

I seriously overthink things.

I hate "business casual". It's easy for guys. And preppy girls. I have a terrible time figuring out what I'm actually suppose to wear for a "business casual" dress meeting. I'm always afraid of dressing too dressy or too casual. Luckily Nettie helped me pack, she's very clothing conscious. Other than changing the shoes she picked and vetoing the skirt in the car, I'm taking the advise of a 9 year old.

I worry about the stupidest shit.

Have some green beer and kiss a red-head today!

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Sarah said...

I hate it, too! What I think is business casual I've been told is just plain "casual" and I've never had the guts to say, "This is how you dress at home on the weekends?" Plus, business casual for guys is so much different than for women. I really feel like I need to wear a suit or a pair of nice trousers with a blouse/shell and blazer/cardigan or at least a twinset. But a suit is business NO casual! Make up your minds!!!