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12 March 2008

I Has Translation?

I think the Blog Challenge my have died. But if no one minds I'm going to keep using the post topics for Kleeblatchen. I have a hard time coming up with something to ramble about in German, I need a topic.

I just tried Google translate on my latest post. HILARIOUS. If I remember my classes correctly*, at least in spoken German, tense can be implied. You can say "I go to the store tomorrow" or "She teaches me 2nd grade" and it is correct and understood. The translator can't handle that, no big surprise there. It has a hard time with "like", too. "Ich habe es gern" means "I like it". If you translate each word you get either "I have it like" or "I have it happy". My dad
"has sweet peas happy" according to translator; maybe it would have done better if it knew what Edelwicke are?

There are some other amusing mistranslations (I think I all those caused by misspellings) but you can understand the post, which is pretty frickin' cool when you think about it.

*I really need to buckle down and pull out the old text books. I keep meaning to.

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