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24 April 2008

At least I'm not a C.

Just when I think my family is going to drive me up the wall something comes along to remind me it could be worse...I could be a member of my sister-in-law's family.*

Mom called last night and was having a hard time being appropriately sober for the news she had. One of my sisters-in-law's father had died. She was sorry to hear this, so am I. It's a terrible loss for her and her family.

Now it gets amusing. He died early Tuesday. The obituary wasn't in Wednesday's paper and isn't be in Thursday's (today's) paper, even though the funeral is suppose to Saturday with, my brother assumed, visitation Friday evening. It has been printed yet because my SIL, her 6 siblings, mother, and step-mother can't agree on what to say. We'll see if the obit makes it in tomorrow's paper. If the funeral is really going to be Saturday, they'll have to make a lot of phone calls to make sure everyone who should know does in time.

Also, they won't have the body. One of the siblings is demanding an autopsy to find out how he died. (It was almost certainly a heart attack or stroke.) Before you start thinking about family medical history, etc., my SIL's siblings are all adopted. My brother didn't say who but Mom didn't infer that my SIL was the one requesting the autopsy.

This whole situation is actually not surprising for this family. They love one another and would (except when not speaking) do anything for one another but agreement is hard to come by but they are a crazy family. We all come from crazy families, really. Just crazy in different ways. At least when my father dies I don't have to worry that Mom, Riva, my brothers and sister, and I will be arguing over what should and should not be in his obituary.

UDATE: The Tuscaloosa News does have a death notice (at least online) listing name, age, residence, date and place of death, and "Tuscaloosa Memorial Chapel will announce arrangements later."

UPDATE 2: Apparently whoever was pushing for the autopsy has given up because there will be a burial Saturday, as well.

*Obviously I'm part of her family and part of the extended "C" family, but y'all know what I mean. You don't get to pick your in-laws.

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