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17 April 2008

Dance Revolution

Any of y'all want to go to a ball Saturday?

I'm a member of the Tuscaloosa Ballroom Dance Club, by virtue of having taken their introductory dance course last summer, but I've never gone to one of the balls or dances. I didn't even get to go to the "graduation dance" at the end of the classes. Every month I look at the newsletter and think "I could go, it'd be fun." and then "But I don't know anyone. And what if no one talks to me or dances with me? That'd be awful."

Sunday, at the plant sale, I ran into my AP Biology teacher, Mrs. Meyers and she's in the club, too (we took the intro course at the same time). She encouraged me to go Saturday. She even invited me to join her and some friends before the dance at Applebee's for dinner and drinks. (Yep, that's about the best of dining out in Tuscaloosa. Well, almost.) Mrs. M said that last month there were more men than women at the dance and she danced ever number. That's unheard of. (the # men> # women part)

My Saturday is shaping up such that I don't think I'd make it to dinner before hand but I'm seriously considering going to the dance. IF I can figure out what to wear. This month is the "Black and White Ball" so semi-formal and all black and white. I have at least one pair of cocktail pants, maybe two, I could wear but I'm at a loss for a top.


Sarah said...

OMG Go! Finding a semi-formal white top should be so not a problem!

Marciepooh said...

I've got a black top and a white shawl to wear. Now if I could just get a couple stiff shots of courage before I go I'd be perfect. (unfortunately I have to drive myself)