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08 April 2008

A: Because rolling in dead stuff is the BEST.

Q: Why Honey got a bath yesterday.

We found a dead fish in the pond yesterday evening. Honey's good at fetching dead things; she never drops them. But instead of eating it she rolled on it.

Because smelling like dead fish is great!

If you're a dog, if you're human it is gross. I think Honey thought I was mad at her, she was reluctant to get in bed, like she thought she wasn't welcome. I kept telling her she smelled pretty.

Note to Brandy at Winn Dixie on Sunday: 1) The fro-hawk is does nothing for you. 2) Practice before coming to work with new nails; yours were not the longest I've seen on cashiers but you seemed to have the most problems with them. 3) I appreciate your knowledge of how to deal with TR's partial food stamps payment; you have no idea how many of your coworkers screw that up.

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