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16 April 2008


Sunday before riding, because he is often a bit high spirited when first saddled, I longed Patches. Sometimes instead of making a nice circle he tries to run straight and jerks the line. One of those times I must have pulled something because my back is killing me. Monday I was a little stiff and I thought maybe I slept funny or instead of cramps I would just have a sore back (sorry, I know, TMI). Yesterday it was worse, but I used a couple of hot damp washcloths* on it and it felt a little better before bed. I think it may be worst today. Yesterday it only hurt when I moved (like stood up, sat down, or bent over), today it hurts just to sit here.

I brushed Q-tip last night. She doesn't groom herself much and is shedding like she wants to be bald. I brushed her for a good 45 minutes, filled the little brush with white hair, then ran my hand down her back to watch a couple of little clumps of cat hair float off. I changed shirts after I tossed her back out there was so much hair on me. She didn't mind too much my brushing her hair backwards (sometimes helps loosen up more hair). A couple times I just moved the brush back a forth a little bit and she rubbed her jaw on it, just where she likes to be scratched. One advantage to her lax grooming is there isn't much cat saliva on her fur so she doesn't make me itch as much as her sister. Irish can be a bit obsessive about grooming.

That's where I am this lovely Wednesday. Not much going on. It's still freezing in my office. It's warmer outside so I can go outside and warm up in a bit.

*Finding my heating pad would have required much bending, stooping, and crawling, none of which is going to happen when I actually need to use the heating pad. It was on the floor beside my bed before I moved it, but didn't look like it was in that corner yesterday. Not that I got down on the floor to really look. When I find it I will be putting it in a more accessible place.

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