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14 April 2008

Cats with Engineers.

This is soooooo funny.


3 = The guy with all the cats? Does having 3 cats make weird chick with all the cats? Does having a dog mitigate this?

My cats' yodeling skills: Q-tip wouldn't be a good cat yodeler; she hardly has a meow. She says 'meh' a lot. I bet Irish could join the cat opera. Stubby's not to talkative.

In other news, Nettie and I rode Patches yesterday. We brushed about 10 pounds of winter fur off of him, leaving only another 20-30 pounds for next weekend, the next weekend, and the next weekend...until it seems we must have brushed him completely bald, except he still has a lovely white and tan coat. (Don't ya just love shedding season?) Because of all the curring this required, my arms are as sore as my legs.

We went to the Arboretum's Spring plant sale before riding. I bought too many plants, that I can't plant until later this week due to our late cold snap. While in the yard I pulled a few Spiny Sowthistles and stepped in an ant bed. The hydrocortisone I slathered on this morning doesn't seem to have helped. My foot itches like a son of a bitch. (I'm not exactly sure how much an SOB itches but it must be a lot.) If it weren't so cool today I'd've worn the same shoes I was wearing yesterday because they didn't get me under the strap, so I think the shoes wouldn't have rubbed the bites. I succumbed to the pleasure of scratching in the middle of the night - ahhhhhh, ummmm, right there, ohhh that's the spot, oh yeah, ummm - then stuck my foot out from under the covers in hopes that the cold air would numb it. (Sorry, but Honu-Girl is on jury duty and Sarah's gone to Atlanta, so I don't have anyone to complain to.)

*Thanks SOMC.

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