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06 April 2007

Online dating?

A friend sent me a link to a dating site for science geeks (and some others). She their ad that asked "Are you a free radical?". It actually looks like an OK site. I haven't given much thought to internet dating before. Beyond, I don't want Harmony.com to tell me that I don't match with anyone.

The bio-profile looks OK, but the thought of the 50 word "mini-profile" scares the shit out of me! Try to sum up "you" in an attractive way and suggesting what you're looking for in two lines - ain't easy!

I think part of this terror is because online dating (and meeting people in general) plays into all my insecurities. I'm not smart enough, not interesting, not articulate, not pretty, not funny, not sane enough; I listen to the wrong music, read the wrong books, watch the wrong TV shows; I'm too neurotic, too quiet, too sad, too lazy, too worried, too weird; I'm too me.

On of the reasons given for this site's existance is that many of "an intellectual bent" find it hard, after college, to find "that certain microbe." (I do love the metaphors (analogies?)) I didn't even feel like I fit-in in college, much less found a "microbe" to have a "sybiotic relationship" with. To be perfectly honest, that guy I wrote about a few posts back has been my only boyfreind. Mariah Carey may be able to count the guys she's slept with on one hand but I can count the guys I've dated (even once) on one hand.

Guys don't scare me. I'm usually more comfortable with guys than girls. I think, part of that is my lack of a social life since HS and being in a predominately male field - when I think of girls (women) I think of the girls I went to school with (mostly bitches - then again, we were teenagers). Another part of it is that I have 5 brothers (all older), one older sister, and a SIL for 26yrs. I only grew up with one brother around (the rest lived 500+ miles away). We hung out and played together all the time. Except for a couple of years when it was WAAAAY uncool to have his little sis around, and even then that mostly just meant he put on a show for his friends (not that it didn't hurt).

I kind of know/understand how the average guy thinks; with women I'm always worried about hidden agendas, fakie-ness and second guess eveything. I do that less with guys. The up shot of it all is I don't meet many people. Hard to get a date if one never meets new people.

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Anonymous said...

The thought of online dating used to scare me to death. Actually meet a stranger from the internet face to face. Ironically, on June 2nd I am marrying a man that I met online and have been living with for the past year. In my opinion, the best site out there is www.bookofmatches.com Of course I may be slightly biased since that is where I met my future husband. The best part about it though is that it's completely free!!!


Anonymous said...
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