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26 April 2007

Shoe size does not correlate with much...

...except height and hand size.

John Scalzi posted a photo on Whatever of himself with a bookstore owner(?), Duane Wilkins, from his first book tour stop. I don't think John gets asked about his high school basketball days. Although I bet Duane does.

The youngest of my brothers (standing 6'5") avoided playing basketball as an organized sport (but played at the house) because, Mom and I think, people assumed he played and was good. I'm not kidding strangers would ask him if he played b-ball and were surprised when he didn't. Just because someone is tall, they are not automatically good at basketball. Luckily tall girls aren't assumed to play. Even though I (5'11") was taller than most of our state championship team. People are weird.

John does have hobbity feet. Keep scrolling, the pics down...yeah, almost...There, see?

On a completely different note - Check out Kleeblatchen. I've long wished I was fluent in another language. I took German in high school and college, so that's the language I've continued to learn (a little bit). So, if you know German come on by and critique my grammar and vocabulary or just chat about the weather auf deutsch.

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dina said...

I love wearing my favorite josef seibel shoes...